Elektrobits [eLK] signup open. Check new v3 of eLK!

Music must be free you only have to pay for the plastic and paper so we have decided to open signup and give a chance to those peeps that are still looking for an account here.

Signup link: http://elektrobits.org/signup.php

eLK announced some days ago a new v3 with new theme.

And remember that eLK bring back a ratio system! Here's a reason why:

Introducing the ratio.Hard decision to switch back but lately many members hunting for the traffic just to get promoted and ask for invites with no interest for the site at all and of course too many h and r.Time for some changes also we have introduced the ratio warning code that warns low ratio users showing the red bar and the message so if you get that you have 1 week to change your ratio.Tears will fall soon as our target is to stay with members dedicated to elK!

Current eLK stats:

Online Since: 07-01-2012
Max Users: 5000
Registered: 1,129
Unconfirmed users: 0
Torrents: 14,971
Dead Torrents: 908
Seeders: 31,981
Leechers: 110
Peers: 32,091
Releases size: 3.87 TB
Average Speed: 2.63 MB/s
Total Uploaded: 26.83 TB
Total Downloaded: 14.27 TB
Traffic amount: 41.10 TB

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