NordicLeech after hack facing death

Our server got hacked and the directory with the website was RM’ed..

Our other server hosting all our donation services took the biggest hit and was completely wiped..

The person(s) behind this are routed to India. They have also tried to force entry to a private server of mine hosting other websites.Nordic Leech

Yesterday, on april 10th, our servers was hacked.

This was due to an insecurity on our servers – not the website itself.

We have been able to restore nordicleech.org from backups, but all our seedboxes has permantly been lost.

This is a huge blow for us, and I am sad to announce that Nordicleech.org is now on the brink of a shutdown..

We simply do not have the funds to restore our server that was hosting our Sketchboxes/seedboxes..

Story short:

We now have to repay our seedbox clients for loosing their services, pay for new servers, pay to have these servers installed and made ready with software (again), and this will kill our economy.. Completely..

Because of this, I am sad to say that we are facing death..

Please Donate

Any amount is greatly appriciated.
On behalf of Nordicleech.org

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  1. HAHAHA Please donate when we're about to die. LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ.