elK music tracker goes ratioless

New music tracker elK decide to go ratio free:

Ratioless system is setup to count your total traffic (download + upload).
It's required that your account have some traffic in every week.
Bonus system is under maintenance right now, staff working for new bonus features.

Current stats of elK:

Online Since: 07-01-2012
Max Users: 1000
Registered: 646
Unconfirmed users: 1
Disabled Users: 96
Torrents: 5,011
Dead Torrents: 56
Seeders: 6,370
Leechers: 6
Peers: 6,376
Releases size: 862.16 GB
Average Speed: 770.10 kB/s
Total Uploaded: 3.66 TB
Total Downloaded: 1.62 TB
Traffic amount: 5.29 TB

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