UK-Two closing down

As you may have noticed or will notice UK-two is closing. I have tried every avenue I could think of to keep it open but with low donations I simply can not afford to pay yet another month. Uk-two has been a great site and pretty active but sadly in the entire time of its existance only one month have server costs been met by donations, all other months have been covered by autotron and fishy2. Now that fishy2 has decided to walk away from UK-Two it has all fallen on my/autotrons head, I managed to scrape up the funds lat month to keep the site going and tried this month to stir activity by opening the doors to 1500 new members but alas the donations to keep the site going just where not there.
It saddens me greatly to have to close UK-Two but economically I just cant do it any longer. Any one who has donated this month will get their donation refunded to them minus what ever paypal takes away for their fee.
I do as an alternative offer invites to these two sites if your wish.


  1. another loss...

  2. they are staying open for another month atleast ;)