PolishTracker joins the SOPA Blackout Day with Freeleech

Due to the fact that PolishTracker does not support:
- justifying poor sales because of piracy instead of incompetence
- doing everything to gain benefits like loads of money from end-users
- threatening, cutting off, forcing costly “agreements” on pirates
- increasing users surveillance and censorship of the Internet – under the guise of fighting the piracy
- extorted payments of packaging costs of multimedia
- extorted payments of distribution costs of multimedia
- extorted payments of promotion and advertising costs of multimedia
- extorted and repeating payments for multimedia which has already been published
and which is being handed to us by the publishing and media companies (eg. payments for music being emitted on radio or adding media campaigns and distributors costs to every copy of software sold via the Internet);
PolishTracker joins the SOPA Blackout Day (in its own way).
(more info about this operation can be found on Wikipedia).

Due to the SOPA Blackout Day (January 18) there will be a global FREELEECH on PolishTracker (for the first time in 5 years).
There will be no need to seed snatched torrents, only upload will be counted.
In addition, to make pirating more enjoyable for you, we are going to reset H&R counters to people who have had only 1 H&R counted by that time (unfortunately the rest sinned too much, they have to cope on their own).

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  1. very cool, wondering if insidebt is going to join the black out as well!