F3i - Bittorrent forum open interviews for new members [UPDATE 2]

F3i is a non-trading invite forum. The staff opened the interviews so if you want to join, try your luck.

All you need is fill this application and send it directly to f3interview@gmail.com

Would you like to join F3i's Community?

F3i is a respected and exclusive community, that operates as Invite Only.
We are a trusted and legitime place, where invites to various trackers are given to trusted users freely.
We offer a broad Forum covering many and interesting topics.

Ask yourself the following question:
Can I provide and contribute to the community in a possitive way?

- If the answer is yes, then the next step is to participate in F3i's Interview Programme.


1) Are you a member of any BT related forums? If you are, please paste direct profile links to your accounts at these sites here, one profile link per line.

2) If you've answered the previous question affirmatively, please specify what the main topics that are of interest for you in those forums are, and how actively are you participating in them?

3) Please paste direct links to your profiles at all the trackers you belong to.

4) Have you ever traded BT invites or accounts before? If you have, which sites were involved in the trade? When did you trade for the last time?

5) Where are you from?

6) Have you been or you are currently in any tracker staff or fls?

7) What are your currently used names in other trackers/forums/sites?

8 ) Do you use seedbox?

9) Provide a speedtest of you home connection

10) Please specify your current email address (GMail prefered)

Thanks for taking the time to apply to F3i, and good luck!

P.S. Give interview staff 2-3 days. They will reply to you if you accepted or not.

P.S.2 Send applications directly to F3i Staff: f3interview@gmail.com

P.S.3 If you don't like applications you can apply via irc interview channel:



  1. any stats? is this a new forum?

  2. very nice fellas :D

  3. awesome m8
    thx for this interview

  4. email sent, thank you.

  5. Freaking Awesome:-)

    Well done!