Waffles.fm 4th Annual Holiday Toy Drive!

Yes, we are doing it again. Last year we ran a larger scale holiday event.
As we've just completed the food drive for November, we're going to focus on the children for December.

How does this work?

Throughout the holiday season various locations around the world will be collecting new, unused toys for children. You simply go to the store, purchase a toy, take it to the drop-off location, and take a photo of your items at the location.

How do you know I really donated?

You’ll need to attach this tag (or a reasonable hand-drawn replication) to your toy, in order for staff to identify and recognize your toys. This tag must be visible in your photos. If you want to print multiple tags at once, you can use this sheet.

In your post, please provide a count of how many toys/books you donated.

Please submit your photo to this thread.

What’s in it for me?

Other than warm fuzzies?

  • 250 points for the first toy donated,

  • 500 points for each additional toy.

  • Additionally, we'd like to encourage more buying of books for children - if you purchase books, you will received an extra 50 points per book* purchased.

    * Reading books; not colouring books, sketch pads, blank journals etc.

    There is no limit to the number of toys you can donate, but you must provide photo proof of your donations.

    Where can I donate toys?

    In the USA, we recommend Toys for Tots.
    Please visit the site to find a toy drop location near you.
    If you are outside of the USA, here is a list of locations that accept donations.

    Please Note: Certain items are ineligible for points (a gross of bouncy balls; large packages of erasers). If you have questions about your donation please PM staff.

    For those who want an online option:

    There is a way.

    Go here, click on one of those controllers.
    Each controller links to a childrens' hospital that has a wishlist.
    Purchase something from Amazon, and they send it to the hospital.
    Show us a copy of the receipt, and a copy of the email that Amazon sends upon shipment, and we'll credit you.

    Please Note: You will not get any points for any donations made unless you post a screenshot of your Amazon email that says "This item has been shipped"

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