Lossless World Signup Open and unban .ro

We are now just over 1 year old, and the last year has seen an incredible amount of growth, not only in membership, but in the number of good lossless rips uploaded.
2011 has seen 10,000 + new torrents this year alone and is on pace to see the same growth again this next year.
in the spirit of sharing, during this holiday season that is soon to be upon us, we would like to take this opportunity to offer registration to all prospective members.
we have never before had an open registration to the public, and it is doubtful this will happen again anytime in the near future, and we are unsure how long this will last.

requirements for registration are very simple at the moment

navigate to https://losslessworld.info/signup.php and sign up

we have a friendly, relaxed community, always looking to share more great music with others who desire top quality music/rips
currently rips made from EAC and XLD are allowed, strict naming guidelines and directory naming are applied to ensure consistency, and every upload to the site is scrupulously checked by the sites automod, which will not allow any uploads even with the smallest errors ensuring %100 perfect rips every time.

PS.....Romania will be unbanned in next 24 hours

Hope to see some of you there soon!!!

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