THESHQ - ratio free tracker with Apple stuff and comics

The Secret Headquarters (THESHQ)

THESHQ is a ratio free private tracker launched nearly one year ago that specializes in all things apple, including software and games for mac osx, ipad/iphone are also indexed. Also a handy place for finding comics it's well organised into subsections for publishers (marvel, dc, image, etc) so pretty easy to find what youre looking for or new shit to get into its the best one.

There are no invites unless you know a member and they recommend you the invite is then sent at the staff's discretion so even requesting an invite does not automatically mean that it is granted.

Site URL: thesecrethq.org
IRC info 
Server: irc.thesecrethq.org 6667 
Channel: #thesecrethq


  1. Perfect for me and my jailbroken ipod touch so cheers to this site.

  2. Would love to get on if someone could invite me or show me how

    email. truebloodassain@yahoo.com.au

  3. Thank you for the review. The design looks very clean, very nice.I will definitely add THESHQ in my wish list.

  4. Min Chul Lee10/27/11, 12:31 PM

    How do I get an Invite to that tracker? My E-mail: nanasos1234@gmail.com

  5. Could someone please be kind enough to send me an invite to himalaya@gmail.com

  6. Matthew Goode11/16/11, 11:36 AM

    Any chance that I can get a tshq invite? Would really appreciate it!


  7. Great Site!!
    How do I get in ?

  8. Some one please send me an invite.
    Thanks in advance.