InsideBT List of Invite/BT Forums Update

Yep, it's time to update our list of invite forums. It's been almost a year without update so here we go.
We presents you:

InsideBT List of invite/bt forums.

There are some major changes. Couple of forums go down or are closed like one of the best forums out there: TraceReactor. Some of "forrbiden" and "secrets" forum are down too like eVo or HH. 
Etiv has changed url (internal problems).
There are still some forums pending verification. So check our list often.
We also add some bt related forums, so on the list you will find not only invite forums.
There are some "secret" forums out there. But they are so "secret" and hidden so we can't find them :P Probably members of those forums can't find them too lol

So if some forums are not listed you can mail us some details on: insidebittorrent@gmail.com

Within next week we add more reviews of some invite forums.


Updated list: Click Here


  1. How do i get an invite to revolt.org.uk? Looks like An. Interesting webshite

  2. im interested in cf and unf :)

  3. CF is most greatest community, i'm not saying it because i'm member, i do it because it deserv's it. Close community and great staff. To take a look in CF:

    If you have a friend who's in CF(Corolla) should be easy atm to have a invite.

  4. hi would like to be a member of CF

  5. Their recruitment is over. But if you have a friend in, he can apply for invites. Anyway, CF is awesome!

  6. This is CF:

    -.0 pwns all!

  7. CF and S*N are the best

  8. Where i can find UNF and S*N invites? I know about both of them, even links but no invites:(

  9. Who can help me with a CF invite?

  10. Cool list and good blog, man. but the language of Invitesfor.me its portuguese not spanish, and a good spanish forum is TrackerPrivado.com , only spanish language allowed, there's invite trading but besides that fact the community is pretty good, mostly are from Spain (same as the forum) but many members are from latinamerica as well, decent giveaways and they do have a recruitment.

    Open Signup
    Language: Spanish
    Recruitments: YES
    Trade/Sell: Yes