PTP - The End of My Era, The Beginning of the Next!

It's been 11 months, 4 days since I assumed responsibility of PassThePopcorn. At this time, the site was on the verge of closing, and all I knew was that I could not let PTP die without a fight. I knew there was something special about the site; I knew there was something worth saving. And I was right! Almost a year later, I do not believe I am overstepping my bounds in declaring PTP the most comprehensive general private movie tracker out there.

72,000 torrents. 41,000 movies. 23,000 users. 345,000 seeds. Amazing... I remember when these numbers were 10% of what they are now!

And now, with a heavy heart, I must move on. Under my tenure we've been through good times and bad, but I am extremely proud of the progress the site has taken. Let me be clear that I take no credit for our prosperity. Through the turmoil has been two constants - our excellent users and our exemplary staff. Without all of you, PTP would not be what it is today, all I did was try to keep the site alive for it to occur.

With my departure, paperk will assume the empty SysOp role. Myself and the rest of the staff are excited for his upcoming tenure, and I am confident it will be one of prosperity and stability. I could not be leaving the site in better hands than our current staff.

I've never been very good at goodbyes or resignations, so I will stop here. I will be stepping down permanently at the end of this week. I eagerly look forward to seeing what PTP will become in the years to come!

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