Peer Access - Amazing forum for release dates, invites and with own torrents

What's PeerAccess? It's invite only forum dedicated to release dates, invites and section with own torrents.

Release dates are announced in couple categories: R1, R5, Blu-Ray, Cinema, Games and others:

There is also a dedicated section for tracker invites:

Recruitement section is very impressive, almost 40 recruitements threads:

Also there is big support for users because PA list over 60 tracker reps.

Another interesting section is PA Tracker. Yes, PA have own torrents:

You also find sections for latests releases and trailers.

PA is strictly non-trading forum

Here's up to date stats:

InsideBT rating: PA is one of the best place we visit. This is a must have forum for everyone who love bittorrent, want to know more about releases dates, want to join active community and meet respective members from BT World. Five stars from InsideBT!

Special Thanks goes to Podolski for info and opportunity to join and review this great forum.


  1. wow thanks for the great blog on us. we try our best. if any one wants a invite please send me a email hero5peeraccess.info@gmail.com

    i am the owner hero5 and will invite anyone that emails me

  2. thank you for the excellent review, we have tons of site reps and great community here at PA

  3. I've been with PA since it was torrentfreak and various other incarnations but the site is always getting better, the release dates are updated on a regular basis and the staff and all the users are all decent people. I hope it's here to stay!

  4. Very clean review. PA is getting stronger and better day by day. Proud to be member of it.

  5. hey can i have an invite pls ??? mail:smekerutm@gmail.com

  6. You all can apply for a invite here http://nthekno.info/pa/

  7. Honestly a great site, I recommend anyone looking for a torrent forum community above the rest, apply here.


  8. to apply for a invite go here http://nthekno.info/extra/pa/

  9. any news on how to apply ?

    i sent email to hero5 but he never replied!

  10. to apply for a PA invite go here


    also insidebt has invites guys