BTN - A VERY Special Arrangement with.......

For a limited time only!

BTN is very pleased to announce a special partnership with passthepopcorn (PTP) allowing for BTN users an invitation to this great movie tracker! and in return, PTP users (that meet our criteria) will be allowed an invite to BTN!

For those that aren't familiar with PTP, its one of the best movie trackers around! they have an excellent bonus system making it easy to maintain a positive ratio!

Until the end of June, BTN's members can PM one of the PTP Staff (listed below) and request an invite! ONLY send one message! this offer is only available to people that are NOT already on PTP.

Limitations: - Your BTN account MUST meet the following criteria to be eligible for a PTP Invite:
a) You MUST have UPLOADED 10GB or more here
b) Your account MUST be more than 3 months old

1) Anyone found exploiting this offer including making duplicate account(s) on either site will lose their accounts on BOTH sites.
2) One invite per BTN user & your account here must meet the criteria
3) Users must not already have an account on PTP
4) PM only ONE of the PTP Staff listed below
5) you MUST include your email address in your application (in the message body)
6) you MUST use the wording "PTP Invite" (without quotes) in the Message Subject

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