XWT - Major Hardware Failure - Please Help Us Rebuild!

I am sure some of you have not visited our forums over the past few days to find out why XWT has been offline so i will try my best to explain the situation. In the early hours of Tuesday morning our hosts datacenter had a power failure, due to our server not being shut down correctly something called a "Superblock" became corrupt. This superblock contains all of the information for the servers file system, so when this became corrupt it corrupted the filesystem too and no files would show up at all.

Our host has spent the last 3 days trying to repair the filesystem and salvage as much of our torrents directory as possible, but unfortunately not much was saved. I upgraded my home PC on April 30th and lost my own backup of our torrents directory not knowing that 2 days later our server would fail.

Thankfully ALL member accounts are safe and restored. But we have lost the majority of our torrents. Please be assured that nothing like this will ever happen again, we have set up automatic off-site backups from now on so even if there ever is any type of server failure we will have backups stored on a totally different server.

We have never needed everyone's help as much as we do now. Please help us rebuild by uploading any torrents you may have, if you see a new torrent uploaded and you have the file, please jump on and help seed. I am positive that with the help of the XWT Community that we can revive a large portion of our lost torrents over the next few weeks.

- EVERYONE can upload torrents to XWT
- Free Leech on ALL torrents until further notice

In the entire 5 years XWT has been online i have never experienced a more stressful and upsetting time as i have these past few days. There were moments that i considered giving up and keeping XWT offline, but i know how strong our community is and i have faith that alot of our members will help rebuild our torrents and ensure we stay online for more years to come!

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  1. Is there a way to upload without the site being online?

    Any Ideas when the site will be back online?