Chdbits -invites and requirements

We decide to lower the requirement of sending invites for a week. From 1 June to 7 June, "Power User" and higher classes will be able to send invites. We've disabled bonus-invite exchange from now. Only those who already have invites in their account can invite.

Also, we'll start another assessment of statistics to encourge user activity.

1) Users registered before 1 May 2011, who upload too little (last 5% of all users by 30 June 2011) will be pruned.
2) Users registered from 1 May to 30 June 2011 will need to meet all of the following three requirements by 12 A.M. 31 July 2011(GMT+8): upload≥80G, download≥60G, bonus≥2000. Users who fail to fullfill the requirements will be disabled.

Uploader and higher classes are exempted from the above assessment. Assessment result will be announced after the "Assessment Day".

---CHDBits Staff---

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