BTN - C-c-c-hanges!

In the shadows of BTN's secret underground layer our coders have been working hard on new changes and improvements to the site! Firstly, you can track future changes on the site at changelog.php Now, on to the other changes:

Lumens/New Store
We have a brand new store with a new currency to go with it. In addition to our classic (but recoded) bonus point store (bonus.php) you can now also convert your BPs to Lumens to spend at our spiffy new Lumen store (store.php)! Here the shelves will be stocked with special "items" in limited quantity that include everything from voice in IRC, your own BTN e-mail address or even a seedbox for a week. So keep your eyes peeled for all the awesome stuff we'll be stocking it with.

Many of you are wondering what a Lumen is, and why do we have them. The answers to these questions can be found in the FAQ area.

We also gave everyone 10 Lumens to brighten up your day

I Have Invites / Where are all my invites?
With the launch of the new Lumen store we've taken the opportunity to lower the prices of invites - subsequently we have removed the glut of invites some users had from the advent calendar xmas season give-aways, and various invite give-aways during the xmas period to stimulate site growth. While this is regrettable, it's a necessary evil. As some consolation we've reset everyone's invites then given everyone 3 shiny new ones.

We've also introduced an awesome new TV trivia where you can play for some extra bonus points. Check it out: trivia.php

IRC: CableGuy
CableGuy's identification system has also received a revamp. It's now even easier to get into our IRC channels. Refer to AzzA's blog post from a few days ago for full instructions on getting set up: blog.php?id=46
If you haven't tried IRC yet why not drop in and say hello!

We'd also like to formally welcome the new recruits to the FLS team:
Alphasee, bDk, BladedThesis and corleone.

Odds and Ends
-We've also launched a new URL Shortening service over at http://btnf.tw/
-Various bug fixes (again, found at changelog.php)

//BTN Staff

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