BitGAMER: Elite User/Elite VIP Promotion Requirements Update

The requirements for Elite User and Elite VIP promotion have changed. The forum post requirement has increased from 10 to 50 posts. Additionally, the torrent comments requirement has been removed. No other changes have been made to this or any other classes.

What this means is that from now on users, in addition to the other promotion requirements, need to make 50 forum posts to be automatically promoted to Elite User.

This change was made to decrease the number of users spamming meaningless posts and comments just to reach the requirement, and increase the users involvement in the community. We also feel that this makes the Elite User and Elite VIP classes truly "Elite."

New Requirements:
Been a member for at least 16 weeks
Have uploaded at least 250GB
Have a ratio at or above 1.25
Have made 50 forum posts

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