PolishInvite now welcome international users. Forum related to BT and P2P.

PolishInvite.me isn't new forum. They was here for almost 2 years, but only dedicated to Polish users. Last year they go down do the server problems. Now they back and prepare something new. Now this forum is dedicated to P2P networks. Still main threads is about Bittorrent and invites for private trackers but there is lots of other info about p2p networks, uploading, encoding, webmastering and GFX.

If you don't speak polish you can select now english option (right corner):

use drop down menu and choose English from list. From now whole interface is in english.

There is english only section for international users:

Any suggestions is apperacied by PI Staff, there is special suggestions section for english users. If somebody of you is interested you can help build up this english section.

On IRC channel (there is in-build IRC gate so no need of using irc applications) and SB english and polish shouts are allowed.

PI is strictly non-treaders forum. There are simple rules. Forum has some dedicated and expirience members who will help international users do they all speak english.

Link: http://polishinvite.me

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  1. Forum is just starting, but it looks really good and has some awesome invites :D