CHDBits Interview Open

CHDbits is now opening the door and warmly welcome all the international HDfans
To keep our healthy user base and cozy community environment, we will take the interview procedure to get the real HD fans in. the interview will ended on may 5th, 2011.
Note: this is only for foreigners, and Chinese guys should go http://www.chdtv.net to take the chance. The Chinese guys who mess up with this procedure will be banned for sure.
To improve the transfer speed, we only accept the HD fans, who have fast internet connection this time. You have to upload more than 1TB, and keep your ratio higher than 2.05 within the first month. Remember, CHDbits has bonus system to help you improve your upload and keep good ratio; or you can donate to the site, and get not only upload reward, but also lots of other privilege. If you need donation help please send email to 3886406@qq.com
This is maybe the last chance, we will close our normal invite system later, and only the staffs and VIPs have the invite privilege.

Please answer the questions frankly and send the copy to chdbits.interview@gmail.com .
Please be patient and give us up to 1 week to process applications. All accepted applicants will find an invite in your email inbox (Be sure to check the junk mail just in case), otherwise, you are mostly been rejected.Good luck to all!
1.) What have you heard about CHD and why do you want to join?
2.) How old are you and where are you from?
3.) List your home IP and any other IPs you usually access trackers with (work IP, seedbox IP).
4.) How many movies a week do you watch on average?
5.) What are some of your favourite movie genres?
6.) How big is your movie collection? (Digitally and Physically).
7.) How many movies are you seeding on your torrent client right now?
8.) How long do you usually seed your movie torrents on average?
9.) Provide me with all your movie tracker profiles. Additional profiles of your most used trackers would also help. (At least 4 profiles are preferred, more would be better of course).
10.) Post a website that you would like to be a member of and reasons why. Excluding CHD of course.
11.) What are your views on account /invites trading?
12.) Have you ever traded before? If so, when was your last trade?
13.) What are you looking for in a good movie tracker/community?
14.) Please provide your email address for invite to be sent to. Gmail is preferred.
And We are looking for the following people
1. People who would like to release Blu-ray disks (American edition, British edition, Hong Kong edition, Korean edition, etc.). Please contact us if you are interested. If your release is not original, please let us know your source. Bandwidth and hard drive space info would be appreciated.
2. Release groups partners. (Blu-ray encoder, TV show encoder, etc.)
Those who join us will enjoy certain privileges. Please apply through mr.informality@gmail.com

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