RevolutionTT's 5th Birthday

RevolutionTT's 5th Birthday 31st of March 2011.

Five years ago a mighty tracker was launched providing the building blocks for the great community we love and know today. Hundreds of sites tried to copy us and our success over the years, most died within months, some lasted a couple of years and some even ran away with their members generous donations.

We wanted to do something special on our fifth Birthday for the members who stuck by us through the years as well as those who are still joining this great community today. We have given the site a refreshing makeover for starters, for those who for whatever reason don't like the modern style you can select classic style in your profile settings page. In addition to the new look, from 12:00am on the 28th of March to 11:59pm the 4th of April 2011:

We will activate Download Freeze on all request torrents, all torrent packs and any torrent 10 GB or over in size. This means your download counter will not be updated for any of those torrents, your upload will still count. This gives everyone a good chance to get on torrents they may have been too afraid to touch and to build a good buffer at the same time too.

Also, a Birthday gift awaits you on your user page, you will see a button to activate a free upload credit. The longer you've been here the higher the credit will be. From 5 GB for the newest members up to 30 GB for the oldest members. Just click on your user-name and you'll see the button just under your join date in the page, it will say how many GB's you are due, then you just click it to activate your upload credit.

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