In the memories of vipmusic

Its with big sadness that we in staff have decided to close ViPmusic forever. The reason for closing is that we have all come to a part in life where we don't have the time and interest anymore to run the site. When ViPmusic was first started we were a tight group with loads of crazy ideas and the site was fastly recognised as the Mp3 site with fastest pre and biggest collections out there.

During the years a lot has changed for all involved afk we have all gotten older meaning that we are not just some kiddies with loads of free time anymore, instead we are now all college and university students or having a job and family that requires our time instead of ViPmusic. During the years of running ViPmusic alot of other trackers evolved, when we started ViPmusic almost no other trackers had an mp3 section. But since then a lot has changed, today almost all major trackers have an mp3 section that is permanently free leech. This has created a lack of interest from the once so big user base. In 2006 when site was at its peak we had over 25k active members everyday today its only about 1000ppl using the site.

This is a sign to us that there is almost no interest and probably not any need for a scene mp3 only tracker in the year of 2011.

In the future, MP3 releases as well as those from other music categories, will be auto uploaded on https://heavensource.org/ and invites will be sent out to all members.

Thanks for all the time everyone has spent here on ViPmusic,
Your Staff

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