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I hate having to make such an announcement.  Really.  Even though our donation bar runs through each month like any other site, in reality our server bill is 6 days away.  So a part of last months donations are available but not all.  In case you were wondering why there isn't a direct link to PayPal on our donation page.  We don't have a "store" and therefore are not in danger of the "verified" account being frozen like so many others are and have been.

Moments ago, I personally donated $10.  I will never ask you for money if I am not willing to pony up myself.  If you were not aware I do not own this site, so yes, it is my real money.

Obviously, certain benefits will be given to you which can be viewed on Donate Page (voice in irc, cash bonus on site, Donation Bullets next to username, etc)...

Which includes things not mentioned such as the ability to have your email changed and a longer time to be inactive before being disabled...Your help and dedication are appreciated in more ways than one...

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