PTN - Pirate City News - 16 Feb 2011

You may have noticed a new icon next to the gold and traffic information you have and in your profile page. Its our new form of count the seeding time on every torrent you download/upload, this is what we call ASD (Average Seed Days).
We hope you like it and enjoy to know how much you seed a torrent, its a good mesument of how good you are seeding torrents here in PtN.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know our internal encoding group SKALiWAGZ are looking for new members to learn the finer aspects of video encoding. Feel free to forward any queries regarding this to a SKW team member, they can be found in #SKW irc channel.  More Info here -> SKALiWAGZ Internal Group

And we like to inform you guys that we have removed the limit on numbers of torrents that give you gold. In the past the limit were 20, now all snatched and well seeded will count.

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