LosslessWorld Ban Romania

Hi guys, many problems in these 4 months with users in this country.
Traders, cheaters, scammers etc. Staff has decided to banned every Romanian including existing users.
We feel sorry for good users, but we had to make this decision for the future of LosslessWorld.
Best Regards,
LLW Staff.


  1. fuck them! LW SUCKS anyway.

  2. I don't know if LW sux or not, but I do know that they are banning us, RO, not for trading / scamming and so on. All they want is to increase the 'l33tness' and make some advertise from this. Pedro banned us, why not LW ban us too. Why they didn't banned us before pedro's?

    Now, let's be honest.. LW is still new in p2p, and who the hell gives a fuck abt them? The only disappointment is that SCC banned us long time ago. Now that's a tracker who deserves respect, not the worthless LW.

  3. LW is pretty sick :]