BTMusic banned Romania

We would like to announce that the tracker Site Rules have been updated.
Please read them carefully to familiarize yourself with the changes.

The key changes include:
New policy regarding btmusic invitations and the invitation procedure
Updated policy regarding proxies and VPNs

The update also introduces the country ban on Romania. All accounts owned by Romanian users have therefore been disabled.

Please make sure you are in compliance with the updated Site Rules before inviting a new user.

Question :
ME: why you banned romania ?
Staff answer : We banned .ro because the majority of them were traders and scammers. so we chosed to ban the hole country, no matter that we have 4000 users, and Romania has 21 milions people'. 90% of them are cheaters!!! WORD!!!

Thanks to Podolski for update!


  1. What a bunch of idiot staff. Instead of allowing that 10% to some how keep their accounts they go and ban the innocent. The Romanians are retards anyway like the PTN staff member dragoi who was caught 2 weeks ago selling invites to every place.
    The site is run by Polacks and well yeah..idiots. The site is old as hell and badly designed anyway.

  2. Fuck those sons of bitches

  3. Fuck them

  4. who the fuck cares about this losers tracker anyway...lol

  5. good job, romania are a bunch of cheaters,traders,bad users.. every tracker should do this

  6. 90% give blowjob Staff BTMusic and 10% give blowjob the restu

  7. The staff could have never said that. The staff said that 80% of the cheating/trading/selling in the last 6 months occurred by people connecting from .RO addresses (which does not necessarily mean Romanians, as many seedboxes are located there).

    No staff member in Pedro could have said something with such a racist connotation.