Waffles - Downtime notice: December 4th

On Saturday (4 December 2010), Waffles will be down for roughly six hours in order to perform some regular maintenance of the servers.

During this time, we will have to bring down the database and web server components of the site, which will of course mean that the site will be unavailable during this time. During the maintenance of the database, the IRC invite bot will be unavailable as well, so you will either need to get in the channel before the database is brought down, or you will have to join #waffles.fm-help and request an invite there (the staffers manning that channel will need some proof of your membership on the site).

Additionally, we will be performing maintenance on the cache system, which may result in a large portion of people being logged out. If you have not done so already, make sure you have created a security question and answer, and note your inviter, your join date, and your passkey.

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