TheSwarm - IRC Updates

We have installed a new IRC bot for the server, her name is Julie. You can read all about her features HERE in the Announcement post. We also have installed a version a phenny we called audrey, you can read about her commands here: phenny Also: IRC Bonus Points are in effect, you get 5 bonus points for every hour you idle IRC. Join now! Read about joining our IRC here: IRC. Remember you have to join with a client, and identify with Julie, everything you need to know is in our wiki article. All donors will receive +v (Voice) status in all IRC channels. Please donate if you can, the more you donate, the more cool features we will have for you to enjoy. IMPORTANT: The IRC server was recently reinstalled, therefore you MUST re-register your NickName with Nickserv!!! Do it quickly! If you need help join our #help channel.

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