SCC - Xmas Banner Contest

We noticed we have some amazing designers amongst us and we’ve seen a bunch of sites having these nice xmas banners. We used to have one for the old site (v1 http://imgur.com/hYz7F.jpg / http://i48.tinypic.com/3008mpt.jpg) made by shn, we want something that will be just as amazing or even better!
There are a few rules:

  • You will have to constrain proportions; width: 943px and height: 60px.

  • You will have to keep the shadow at the bottom. (Unless you do it in a tasteful way).

  • You will have to make a copy with a BETA tag for our beta site.

  • You will have to make it transparent and save it as a web-optimized.png

  • You will have to provide a download for the .psd file and any third-party fonts that you have used if you win. The files below should get you started, may the best member win!

  • SCC logo PSD:  http://beta.sceneaccess.org/files/logo.psd

  • SCC main font: http://beta.sceneaccess.org/files/nevis.zip

  • SCC slogan font: http://beta.sceneaccess.org/files/munro.zip First place prize is 400GB upload credit and 4 invites.
    Second place will receive 200GB upload credit and 2 invites.
    Third place will receive 50GB upload credit and 1 invite.
    The winner will be picked by Staff.
    Competition ends 16th which gives you 11 days to work your magic!

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