Pedro - Merry Christmas

Dear members! We would like to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS, lots of gifts under your xmas trees, and lotta luv <3 in the year to come! Btmusic is you! We love you! You are the most kick-ass awesome community in the whole freaking internet!!!!

Our dearest uploaders will receive some extra invitations! Bring your family, friends, kids, lovers and even neighbours over, and it does not matter if you hate that horrible auntie Lucy! Her CD collection is what counts! In the end auntie Lucy needs some lovin' too (be it torrent comments if she's having problems getting laid! )!! It's Christmas time, isn't it?

HERE COMES MORE FOR ALL OF YOU! There will be 48 Happy Hours on 24 and 25 December (starting 24/12 09:00 CET). 48! A shocker huh? Still don't get it? Lemme spell it for you:


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