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FIL World Contest

Hi Guys, this Christmas we have many surprises for Lossless World!

The competition is for fun and is also a learning expirience for beginners and improvement to our veterans and established VIPS and Uploaders!:

[X] create good rip 100% (with EAC or XLD)
[X] put together a description including info about the album, details of artists, biographies, reviews, scan covers etc
[X] and create a good presentation of your torrent

Before we start we wanted to thank you to all those involved in
Lossless World: those who help in the forums, including those in IRC, as
well as our great uploaders!


[ 1 ] Rules

All torrents that are uploaded must follow the rules for creating and uploading torrents to the tracker. Please review the rules.
When the contest begins remove any torrent that does not conform to the rules without notice.
You can always ask for help before committing the error: via IRC (#lossless-world.help) or by a PM to a staff member.

Note: Users who want to participate in the contest should send a request to "Lame" to change your status to Uploader.
Very important: If you request to change to Uploader and do not use this or do not follow the above rules you may be warned.
Please read the rules before requesting the change to Uploader!

[ 2 ] Point System


* Album: 10 points
* Box Set: 20 points
* Vinyl: 30 points
* SACD / DVD / Blu-ray / HD DVD / MiniBD / Blu-spec CD / CD + DVD: 40 points (NEW!)


* Exclusive: 30 points
* Rip: 20 points
* Artwork: 10 points


* Christmas: 20 points
* Other genres: 10 points


* Good Info: 10 points
* Review: 10 points
* Image (not just the front): 20 points


Torrent Removed for violating the rules: -10 points

[ 3 ] Awards


First Place. VIP status***
Second Place. VIP status***
Third Place. Custom Title + 1 TB + 10 invites
Fourth Place. Custom Title + 500 GB + 5 invites
Fifth Place. Custom Title + 100.000 Bonus Points + 3 invites
Sixth Place. Custom Title + 2 invites
Seventh Place. 1 invite
Eighth Place. 1 invite

*** no problems with the ratio, unlimited invitations, unlimited slots, custom titles, lifetime account etc.

(-)Best Presentation Award

The most original, the most elaborate, the prettiest, the most popular, the most voted (Say Thanks!),
and votes from staff.

[ 4 ] Start and End of Competition: Right Now! until 17/01/2011.

Good luck to all of you, be happy, have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Report cheaters and Win!

[Very Important]
Any user who is caught uploading Lossless World exclusive torrents
to another tracker without authorization will be banned!
Also possibly be banned from the other tracker...

There will be many benefits for users report cheating,
you will be rewarded for the great work for the LW Community!

If you upload torrents exclusive to LW,
from time to time, can search for these torrents in your other trackers...
to verify that cheats can benefit!

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