FunFile - Birthday, Holiday Lottery and Free Leech

In addition to being the Holiday Season, FunFile turns FOUR years old this month.  With the support of our excellent users, FunFile is not just a great sharing site, but a fantastic community that has withstood the test of time.  So it’s the time to celebrate:

FunFile’s Holiday Lottery
OUR BIGGEST LOTTERY EVENT will run until January 1st 2011
These are the fantastic prizes to be won:
 1st Place
Apple iPad 16GB+WiFi+3G

2nd Place

Microsoft XBOX 360 w/Kinect

3rd & 4th Place

Argosy 2TB 1080p Media Player
5th Place: $100 Gift Code as choice of Steam Games, an Amazon Gift Code or iTunes/Apple Store Code
6th through 9th Place: $50 Gift Code as choice of Steam Games, an Amazon Gift Code or iTunes Store Code
10th through 15th Place: 6 Months FunFile VIP & 200GB Upload Credit
*Lottery tickets cost 100 credits.  Users are limited to 10 tickets.

Global FreeLeech!
From now until January 1st ALL torrents are FreeLeech.
That means anything you download will not count against your ratio!!!  Upload will continue to count.
Keep in mind that seeding rules STILL apply, minimum 1.0 ratio OR 72hrs seedtime.

Increased Invite Bonuses
When you invite someone to FunFile, you get a reward if they become good member!
-When your invitee gets 50% of the way to Power User YOU now get a 50GB upload credit!
-When your invitee becomes a full Power User YOU now get a 100GB Upload Credit + an invite is re-added to your account!