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The 3-Minute Guide to Life at CE

We'd like to welcome everyone to the new CE v3. Some of you are long-term users, and others are brand new, but in many ways we're all just starting out thanks to the big changes in v3.

That being the case, we wanted to put together a fast and easy read to get our whole userbase on the same page. So this is a quick and dirty guide to reacquaint our old users with the new site, and an introduction for all our new members.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post in the forums or get in touch with staff.

CE is an easygoing and fun place. We don't have a ton of rules, but the ones we do have, we're serious about. Here are the key things to remember for keeping yourself in everyone's good graces:

Seeding and surviving here is easy. We don't use a ratio system. All we ask is that you keep everything you download seeded for 3 days (72 hours) within the first 5 days of having downloaded. (That's the minimum, and we always appreciate more.)
Every fellow member will also appreciate it if you don't limit your upload speed to some incredibly small rate (like 3kbps). But you're on the honor system with this one, so please just do this for the good of the community.
Be mindful of the quality of your uploads. Don't upload transcodes from one lossy format to another (.mp3, .aac, .ogg, etc.), and don't try to change a lossy formatted album to a lossless album (.flac).
Don't be a jerk in the forums or IRC. CE is one of the most relaxed, fun, and non-elitist places in the BT community. But we expect people to not intentionally or repeatedly try to harrass other users. Just use your common sense here, and always keep the Golden Rule in mind.

That's about it. For detailed rules on topics like uploading, etc., please just head over to our Rules page.

Some Handy Features
CE, especially in its newest incarnation, has some features you won't find anywhere else. Here are some of the particularly noteworthy ones:

Last.fm integration within your profile. To turn this feature on, just pop into your profile and put your Last.fm username into the proper field. The site will take care of everything from there.
Solid request filling. CE has long had a good base of users happy to step up and fill requests. Just build up a few points, then start putting up bounties and requesting away!
Auto fill of album details when uploading. When you upload an album, the auto fill feature will often be able to identify and fill in the details, making uploading much easier and faster than other places. To use it, just put in the artist name and (optionally) the album title, then click the 'Fetch List' link. Unless the album is relatively rare, the feature should work like a charm.
IRC bonus. There's now a bonus for coming in and hanging out in our main IRC channel. You'll receive 1 point per hour you're logged in. (See the section below for details on getting connected.)

CE's IRC is one of the most hoppin' in all the BT world. Come on in to just hang out or to get help with site-related problems. It's a great place with a lot of fun and helpful folks. If any of the info below doesn't make sense to you, or if you're ocmpletely new to IRC, check out our IRC page for a more detailed explanation, or post your questions in the support forum.

  • Server: irc.coexist.biz
  • Ports: 6667 (+6697 for SSL)
  • Main Channel: #CoExist Command: /join #CoExist
  • Support Channel: #ce.support
  • Announce Channel: #CE.Torrents
  • Radio Channel: #PillageRadio
  • Pre Channel: #pre
  • Vhosts: #vhost

Signup Link: Here

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