CN Back

he plans for CN's return are indeed true.

We have managed to recover a 1 year old backup of the database and we are planning to work from there.
Expect everything you loved from the old CN, but with new changes that will blow your mind too.

For all those that were CN members, please join our CN IRC, as we prepare to launch the new site. The address is : Server: Port 6667 or SSL Port 6697. #Cosanostra

Those who still have your CN torrents/movies, please keep them as they will be vital when the new site is up.
For those who weren't members of CN, but would like to come on board this new project, feel free to come and join the IRC as well.
And last but not least, CN is moving away from the previous secrecy policies.


  1. ok i am not a member of CN but i would like to join this great tracker so i join and than what

  2. "CN is moving away from the previous secrecy policies. "


  3. Interesting article, pretty cool post...