What.CD - Important reminder regarding client usage

Lately, we've noticed an increasing number of users unintentionally sending incorrect data to the tracker.

While these users are not malicious, it can be quite difficult for us to distinguish them from those who are, meaning that doing so may lead to your account being disabled for cheating.

Here are three things in particular that you should always avoid doing, as they are in direct violation of our rules:

* Never put more than one tracker URL in the same torrent file. If you wish to seed the same files on more than one tracker, always use a separate .torrent file in your client for each tracker.

The Golden Rules wrote:

Any torrent you are seeding to this tracker must only have our tracker's URL in it. Adding another tracker's URL will cause incorrect data to be sent to our tracker, and will lead to you getting disabled for cheating.

uTorrent, among other clients, has a tendency to automatically append more than one tracker URL to the same torrent file. You will probably see a message such as this one:

The torrent you're trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?

You should always answer "No" when you see it. Instructions on how to seed the same files on multiple trackers safely can be found here.

* Always use a whitelisted client. 9 months ago, we posted an announcement about the dangers of using a non-whitelisted client, yet we still see users who are not aware of our client rules. This is especially relevant for older versions of qBittorent or mobile softwares (dtunes, dalvik...), which do a poor job of spoofing uTorrent and can, again, be hazardous to your account. The Client Whitelist can be found here.

* Never download from yourself. If you are currently seeding a torrent from your seedbox, then don't download it again from your home connection. Not only does it cause ratio manipulation, which is prohibited, but it makes it look like you are faking upload, which is the last thing you want to happen.

Additionally, you should stop and force re-check your torrents on a regular basis, especially your own uploads. This is to ensure that the files on your computer are exactly the same as the torrent. Modifying the files in any way (by changing the tags, for example) will prevent you from seeding a full copy of the torrent, and and may in some cases cause you to report suspicious upload stats to the tracker. Read more about hashfails here.

Follow these instructions as well as the rest of the Golden Rules, and you'll be safe. If you have any doubts, PM a moderator. Thank you for your attention

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