Want some cookie? iCookie - New BT Community

Want some cookie? Here's new BT Community called iCookie. Still in BETA but with open signup. But what's iCookie?

Signup Link: Here

We Are iCookie - We Are An iCo-unity

iCookie {abbreviation: iCo} is nothing more than a group of dedicated, trusted and respected folk who have grown a love of all things community and bit-torrent related, who want to bring a bit of <3 and fun back in to an often intimidating scene.

From our personal experiences in the torrent'ng world, we have met some truly incredible individuals who have spent their precious time to enlighten us and others in many different areas of the BT & IT World. This has been both exciting and inspirational to see the power of the internet used in the fashion it was designed for, to set information free and to communicate our individual wealth of knowledge with our fellow cyber travellers, and to share and build on this for the collective greater good, as well as provide a platform to share our varying collections of digital media.

We hope that the spirit of community and communication will run free and that iCookie will not be pigeon-holed as just 'another invite and discussion forum', instead becoming apparent after the briefest of glimpses that we are aiming to be a little bit more. We hope to be an ever-growing and ever-open community of like minded individuals who endorse the same common interests related to the sharing is caring attitude, but can also share expertise on a wider range of subjects and niche areas that traverse the IT plain and beyond to any given area.

Although our desire is to to be an open-learning and hopefully influential bit-torrent related community, we also keep things simple here at iCookie and see no need in overcomplicating things with unnecessary complex promotion and statistical based structures for a hierarchical purpose. You simply contribute to iCookie with time, posts, and constructive contribution, and you shall be rewarded for your efforts.

Most of us started out as nothing more than inquisitive onlookers, slightly overwhelmed by the wealth of new information and the steep learning curve that was to follow. We soon realised thought that the bit-torrent'ng world is much more than just a file sharing community, it is a powerful learning environment that spans well outside the realm of any protocol and means to acquire desired content. Whether you are here solely to meet your own ends in your climb up the private bit-torrent'ng ladder, or you are looking to learn along the way, we want you to contribute to this community, and in return we hope to provide the platform for you guys to take what you want and need from iCookie, and build a trusted and respected community in the process

To add, labels and status outside of iCookie mean nothing here. We do not and will not get involved in other sites politics, but we are happy to bring them up for public discussion if members feel that it is relevant and necessary. Experienced or not, we welcome all who want to contribute to iCookie with constructive input and posts, and will reward those individuals with even tastier cookies.

iCookie, an iCo-unity.
A look inside iCookie:

Hidden Forums (for VIP's and other special ranks):

TheFuzz owner of iCookie explain about posting:

We would like to add that we are keeping things simple at iCookie in that we wont be be implementing complicated promotion systems and instead sticking with a tried and tested method of posts + time = promotion. We are a non-spam forum, who demand constructive posts and threads, and 10 character posts wont wash here. We have implemented a minimal level of input that can be considered a post to assure this wont be an issue.

User Class: TwitTwat = Banned Member
Promotion Requirements: N/A
Demotion Requirements: failure to adhere to our Dear member\guest you have to reply to see the link
Benefits Obtained: none, and left cookiless, FOREVER!

User Class: IckyDick = Disabled Member
Promotion Requirements: N/A
Demotion Requirements: non-activity or through individual request
Benefits Obtained: still have ability to have account reactivated on a a case-by-case basis

User Class: DipStick = Registered Member
Promotion Requirements: N/A as fresh dough to the site
Demotion Requirements: N/A
Benefits Obtained: 25 stored msg / create & rate threads / vote on polls / join groups / upload static image profile, pic and avatar / limited access and permissions to Cookie Jar forum (post threads only)

User Class: DohNut = Active Member
Promotion Requirements: Days Registered: 45 / Post Count: 25
Demotion Requirements: N/A
Benefits Obtained: 50 stored msg {can ignore recipients msg quota if limit reached) / view member info / browse the Media library and view details / post polls / can create groups / upload animated avatar (1.5MB MAX) / view 'who's online' / full access and permissions to Cookie Jar forum (reply to to others threads)

User Class: GumBall = Established Member
Promotion Requirements: Days Registered: 91 / Post Count: 100
Demotion Requirements: N/A
Benefits Obtained: 75 stored msg / can set self to 'invisible mode' / access to XXX forum / can view the unanswered threads link / can submit and comment on new Media / upload image signatures / full group owner permissions / full access to Pirate Poker

User Class: PopTart = Established Member
Promotion Requirements: Days Registered: 182 / Post Count: 250
Demotion Requirements: N/A
Benefits Obtained: 100 stored msg / access to Requests forum / view Banned Members List / edit ChatBox messages / give rating on and report offensive Media / upload animated signatures / open & close own threads

User Class: Sw$$tums = Donor/VIP
Promotion Requirements: has donated to iCookie and/or has proven to be an asset to the community. DO NOT ASK!!!
Demotion Requirements: donation expired / activity / staff discretion
Benefits Obtained: 250 stored msg / access to Sw$$tums (VIP & Donors) forum / custom title (remains after donation expires) / access to Sw$$tums Private Forum and contained private GA thread / 'See' Users Who Have Chosen to be Invisible While Online / can create playlists in Media / can view all previous and present donators

User Class: CrackerJack = Elite
Promotion Requirements: Days Registered: 365 / Post Count: 500
Demotion Requirements: N/A
Benefits Obtained: 500 stored msg / access to both Sw$$tums (VIP & Donors) forum & own private forum (undisclosed) with added bonus / View Detailed Location Info for Users /

User Class: TrackerDude = Tracker Representative
Promotion Requirements: officially active staff member of iCookie agreeable private tracker
Demotion Requirements: N/A
Benefits Obtained: access to private forum (undisclosed) and full access to the forums and features

User Class: TasterDude = Support/Technical Staff
Promotion Requirements: determined by staff so DO NOT ASK, we will find you!!!
Demotion Requirements: dependent on many variables
Benefits Obtained: access to MCP and can make on-site changes

User Class: CandyMan = Moderator
Promotion Requirements: internal process
Demotion Requirements: internal process
Benefits Obtained: limited access to ACP but full control over site content and users

User Class: SweetieLord = Administrator
Promotion Requirements: Unnatainable
Demotion Requirements: internal process
Benefits Obtained: Full access of the ACP and site

User Class: CookieKing
Promotion Requirements: DEATH
Demotion Requirements: DEATH
Benefits Obtained: the pleasure of creation

Current stats:

InsideBT comment:

Well, still in BETA but look like a nice and well organized forum and friendly community. But needs more members. At this stage we give: . Rating will be adjusted when within next month because we wait for:
We are actually trying to sort out a whole range of features and modifications at the moment.


  1. Thank you InsideBt for running the article on iCookie, it is very much appreciated. As this is our first wave of members to the community and we are still working on some larger features which are listed in our Announcement thread, we will keep you all posted as to the development and completion of them.

    We all <3 cookie.

  2. Registration denied, this forum runs an active policy of not allowing spammers. Please contact us via the "Contact Us" page link if you believe this is in error

    Hie Gettin signup up error as given above ?????

  3. Well because that forum has a mod to block spammers. Poor you :)

  4. That's because that forum has a mod to block spammers. Poor you :)

  5. Hey Nani,

    the answer to that is quite simple. We have a few modifications installed that prevent IP addresses and/or email addresses that have been added to certain spammer databases from registering on our site. These are usually very accurate and have to pass a number of pre-requisites before an individual and their IP is submitted.

    I also notice that you are not a member of iCookie and therefore are requesting this information on behalf of this person. The 'Contact Us' option as you have stated above is the best method of addressing this issue, although I doubt there is much that can be resolved if the IP address is flagged.

    The Fuzz,
    iCookie Staff

  6. iCookie is Great <3 :)