TheSwarm: Global Freeleech

Hello everyone!
Lets all thank rodja for another well run and successful contest. Also thanks to all the participants that made it so great.
Congratulations to the winner, who came out of nowhere to upload to most, ub1693! He decided that he didn’t want the prize, so we passed the vps onto the second place finisher, mississippi. Enjoy your vps! More contests to come, stay tuned.
In other news, TheSwarm is set to global freeleech, indefinitely.
The staff wanted to show how grateful we are for our wonderful members and what better way? Enjoy!
Reminder:Our automated hit and run system is still in effect. The rules are you must seed any torrent you snatch for 72 hours or 1:1.
Lets get more seeders! All we ask in return for the freeleech is you please seed everything as long as you can

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