PTP - Freeleech, invites & more

  • Both the Halloween contest and the Halloween freeleech were huge successes in increasing the numbers of horror/thriller torrents on this site! unclesalty is at it again, this time with a Documentary Contest! Once that contest reaches 200 total uploads, we will enable the same freeleech on documentaries for the remainder of the month! (New documentary uploads will be FL for the first 24 hours on site)
  • Since raising our user cap to 25,000 almost a month ago, we have grown by nearly 1,250! In order to encourage even more growth, we have given 1 invite to Members, 3 invites to Power Users and unlimited invites to Elites. Use them, but remember our rules on inviting! We will be resetting invites site-wide this month and implementing a new method of handing them out, no earlier than the 15th.
  • Staff has decided that the lifespan of the 30GB+ freeleech is over. The cons of this type of freeleech have outweighed the pros for some time now, and it will be ending in 5 days, on 11/11/10. This site will no longer have any permanent freeleech. But please do not fret, we will still have staff picks and other ways to help you out each month! (Such as the freeleech on the uploading contests.)
  • A quick reminder from our moderators that if you are contacted by staff to fix one of your uploads, you must fix it! If you do not, you will be warned. We believe that this is a fair policy, as we do not go straight to warning, but rather give you a chance to fix it first. Thanks.

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