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In order to prevent too much annoyance, I’m only going to update news posts like this unless it’s something major in which case I’ll create a new one.)
We received the new server today, however our account is borked so we’re only able to use one IP which is a problem.  Hopefully we’ll have this fixed soon..  No ETA on this unfortunately.  Everything else is setup though, so the second it’s fixed we should be good to go. 2) All donors should be up to date as of an hour ago.  If you haven’t received your star and you donated before the 8th (if you’re wondering why the date above and this one don’t match, it’s now 1am) let me know.
3) Didn’t manage to PM any merch contributors today, was fairly busy.  I should be able to get in contact with some of you later today (the 9th) though.
4) Goodnight
Hey guys,
Just wanted to give you an update on a few things.
First off, I’m going to try and be a lot more informative with site activity.  I tried to keep this limited previously due to some complaints about the news system being annoying, however I think that’s just something we can work around.  Any suggestions on how to make it less annoying (and dont tell me to allow you to turn it off since sometimes we announce important things) let me know.
Secondly, we should have the auto upload system back up and running very soon.  We’re just waiting on the new server to be delivered which I’m hoping we’ll get on Monday.  Once that’s done, I’ll go ahead and setup all the scripts and get things rolling again Monday afternoon/evening.
Thirdly, I’m aware some of you have donated and haven’t received a star (at least those of you who have PM’d me).  I’ve looked into this and it would seem that some of the paypal emails didn’t make it to my inbox, resulting in me overlooking your information.  As such, I’m going to start pulling a direct history feed from PayPal and exporting that to an excel spreadsheet so I can make sure everyone is credited.  I apologize for that, it wasn’t intentional.  I should have the majority (if not all) verified this evening, with any remaining taken care of tomorrow before I handle the seedbox (if we do in fact get that tomorrow).
Fourthly, I’m going to spend the beginning of this week contacting those of you who contributed to the FTN merch contest and seeing if we can modify/improve some of your submissions, as well as informing you of whether or not we’ll be using your design.  I’m going to use as many of these as possible, so I won’t be doing any public poll.  Instead we’ll just allow you guys to pre-order what you want, and order/ship them in bulk.  That way there are plenty of options and we won’t have anything leftover.
And lastly, thank you for all the supportive pm’s and comments.  Sometimes it’s nice to hear from all the non-haters to help blur out all the complainers.

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