Etiv and The Nation invites forums merge

Hello Nation,
I know it’s been a long time since anyone has heard from us unless you come by the irc to see what’s going on but then you still might not have been able to get much of an answer. MKZ has been gone for a while now taking care of his health and might have just moved on from running the forum. Staff have been busy taking care of things in real life.
It’s not that we want T-N to close one bit but we do think it in the best interest to do so. We don’t have the time, money and a few others things needed to run the site properly. So with this happening we will be closing the doors here and merging over to Etiv so that everyone still has a home. There will still be staff from T-N being staff at Etiv and everyone will be moved in to their appropriate rank/user class.
Sorry for not much of a notice but this is just the best thing we can do for our forum. Having our members a home is my main priority.
Sorry for the bad but also good news.

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