DS - Important information

Dear DS users

Here are some news.

On 1.12.2010 all users H&R list will be cleaned out.
From this date staff won't give you any warnings.
It will be done automatically if you exceed the number of downloads on your list.
Limits of allowed positions on your H&R list are:
- User - 5
- Power User - 8
- Extreme User - 10
- Dvd Lover - 10
- DvD Seeder - 13
Special classes /Rekrut, LiteUploader, Uploader, BestUp, SubCrew, CustomerDS, EncoderDS/ Vip, SuperVip, Klubowicze - without limit.
If the limit is reached, user will get a PM with info that he has 3 days to clear the list.
If after 3 days from this PM the limit still will be exceeded, the system will give you a download block -
in other words until the time your H&R list won't exceed the limit you can't download anything.
If a user has 5 positions on his list and will clear one position, the system takes the download block off, but you will still hae 4 positions to seed left.

Between 3-5.12.2010 we open registration.
It will be opened only 2 hours each day:
- 3.12.2010 godz.19.00-21.00
- 4.12.2010 godz.09.00-11.00
- 5.12.2010 godz.14.00-16.00
Usually 50% of new users lose their accounts in the first month.
We think that this time it will be similiar. But we want to give a chance to those who are fair and square.
The next open registration will be in a very distant future, so tell your friends, those who you trust enough.

As you could notice some people have left the staff - Gshock & EmWik.
We inform you that it's not due to misunderstandings within us.
It was their decision because of personal problems.
At this time, we do not consider taking any new staff members.

All SuperVip users have now Freeleech.

In Torrenty and Torrenty V2 there's a new column - Status.
The so far torrent colors will be replaced with new ones, which will be visible in this column.
They are now at test phase.
If everything goes as planned in a short period there will be more options in your BS panel.

As a answer to many question we inform you that we haven't forgotten about Saint Nicholas Day.
This year we decided to combine Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas, New Year and our birthday,
that's why December will be a month of competitions.
There will be 12 of them. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised, because there're going to be many valuable prizes.
More details soon.
We have Santa_Claus registred on our site, who watches closely staff and users.
He reads all the letters (those offensive also), which some impatient users write. Some he answers.

DS Staff.

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