CE - Reminder concerning giveaways outside of CE

There are a few issues that have come to our attention regarding members offering either CoExist invites or (what were formerly known as) fame points on other sites (PU forums, invite forums, etc.).

Do not do offer invites or bonus points on these forums.

We give these invites/points to you to give to those people you are already familiar with. Not people you plan to know in the future or only know by reputation/screenshots. Even if staff are recruiting at the same place with the same requirements. Even if we open signups, it still will not be okay to offer these things.

Everyone is responsible for those people that they invite. If you invite a bad member, your invite privileges may be taken away or worse. If you suspect you've already invited a bad member because you weren't aware of this rule, let us know immediately. Also report any non-staff recruitment threads that are active if you come across any.

On a lighter note, we'd like to thank everyone for your continued support! Have a nice day.

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