BTN's recruiting a Designer!

BTN is looking for a new Designer or two to add to our ranks. Designers are charged with making sure the site keeps on looking good by:

* Finding or designing banners for TV Series
* Making new TV stamps, user avatars, signature bars, etc.
* Designing logos and other graphics for product in the BTN CafePress Store
* Developing layouts and coding new CSS themes
* Designing new site elements as they're needed (e.g. badges)
* Help develop layout and design of new site pages

Interested? Post a response in the forum thread by November 13 with the following (if you can't meet all the requirements don't worry... post anyways!):

1. A short description of your design experience. Include an overview of the programs you use (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc).

2. Describe your CSS experience. If you have experience with SMARTY or other programming languages that would be useful for design, list them here too.

3. Tell us how often you expect to be available to help out. Include what time zone you're in, typical hours you're free and if you are/plan to be on IRC.

4. Provide a couple images of work you've done - can be logos, site layouts, designs, etc. Up to you.

5. Do a modification of Remy... however you want. Make him into a TV character, a Christmas Remy, whatever you can think of. link to an AI version of him: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/203494/Remy/remy-leftfacing.ai

Good luck!

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