Another "drama" on FTN

It only takes a few to ruin it for everyone.
For those of you too impatient to wait for me (and the others involved) to secure the projects involved in making this site better, this post is for you.

I work my ass off to try and figure out ideas and coordinate with others on things to make this site better. However I'm badgered daily by people who assume that I just sit on my ass and stare at the wall. It's kind of funny really, I work a full time job (including weekends), am a full time student, yet I still bust my ass to find time to provide a FREE website to people whom I don't even know without getting anything in return except the respect from a very small amount of people on here. Those very few people are the reason I stay up until 3am most nights to work on this site, knowing that I have to wake up at 7am that same morning.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind staying up late and getting very little sleep so I can participate on the site I helped develop. I love this site and am very proud to be a part of it. The problem however is that some people (you know who you are) believe that I should just say fuck it to everything else and spend all day every day working on the site. That I should just quit my job (or get fired for lack of, which by the way would result in me not having a place to live and then you wouldn't even have the site for me to work on), screw off school (thus effectively throwing away my future) and focus on nothing but a website.

I remember when I first started torrenting. I was grateful just to have free shit that I couldn't (and still cant) afford on a regular basis. Back then pretimes, special features, none of that mattered. It was all about respect and loyalty and being able to get things you'd normally have to pay an overpriced fee for.

If you guys wan't transparency, I'll give it. However, expect that to come with a lot of consequences (refer to my post I linked to above.)
If you guys want quick changes, fine by me. However expect half-assed modifications that will most likely bloat the site, slow it down, or just plain break on a regular basis.

I'll give you exactly what you want, this is a site that I helped develop with the intentions of pleasing you after all.

Now I fully expect a lot of you to be upset at me for your resulting actions. I also expect a lot of you to apologize and try to pretend that this can all be fixed since you now know all the secrets that have been going on behind closed doors. However what's done is done. Pat yourselves on the back.

Now that I'm done with that rant and unfortunate news, this isn't the end of the world. We are bringing back the auto upload box this week so uploads will at least be more consistant again.


I just want to clarify that I'm by no means giving up or stopping the progress of this site. I'm simply going to try to appease the masses in a more efficient manner at the cost of quality. Once things settle down and this feels less like a job and more like the fun it used to be, I'm sure my creative/evolutionary/fun side will show it's face again. I'm sure more opportunities will come our way in the future (although I doubt we'll see a 40TB SAN handed to us again). It's just going to take a lot of time to make sure that security of certain projects is kept to make those involved safe, and unfortunately in the torrent world that's unacceptable.

Here's the end of the forum post that was linked in the above announcement.....

PS: I've decided to just say fuck it to our other really neat plans that we've been working on. You guys aren't patient enough to wait for those so I've already scrapped those plans. Wanna know what the plans were? Someone kindly donated a 40TB storage SAN to us which we were going to proxy uploads to in order to make our retention basically long term. Neat huh? Yea I thought so too.. However now that this is public information, it would be more reason for government to investigate the host of this and in turn get us busted. So wave goodbye to that as well.

And all this because straight forward questions from users. Couple of questions from FTN users:

So... I know the autouploader has been down for awhile....
The announcement says it will be back "soon", but that announcement was from 8 Sept and there has been no word since then.
I know the uploaders have been doing a great job manually uploading primetime TV, but everything else seems to suffer in terms of pretimes or number of releases in the absense of the auto.
So... are there any plans to bring the autouploader back? What is holding it up? Is there something the community can do to facilitate its return?
Just looking for some info from B or other staff since everyone has been quiet about this.
B come on.. you should have been able to make time for this by now. Obviously there is something stopping you.
Donations are 100% so it can't be funds.. lack of motivation maybe? If so.. bring in other people to help out. There is no need to do it all alone if you don't think it's fun anymore.
and ya really think that ragging on b is gonna make it come back quicker?
tbh if I had you lot bitching at me I would put the autouploader off for a month or two lol just for the record I agree with you that the site does need to get its act together and start uploading stuff when it pres
"We're working with uploaders"
Is it me or is this just a euphemism for "neither me nor the uploaders want to pay for a seedbox"

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