x264.me- 5 Birthday and FreeLeech

Our 5th birthday is officially here, and with it comes all the good things one would expect. We're starting things off slowly with a free leech on all exclusive 576p. This should help us isolate further issues with any load spikes. Those that remember past birthdays also remember the obvious warning of no hit and running and the suggestion that you pace your downloads.

As you can expect, the celebrations seem to last longer with every passing year, and despite this cautious start you can expect the same for this year. Should you encounter a period where the site isn't loading for a few minutes, holdfast and check back in 15. We're probably working on a bug and will be back momentarily. Any extended downtimes that may occur will be announced beforehand (if possible).

Note: As we said, 576p free leech for now. The torrents that are free will have the normal *FREE* tag on the browse page. When we change to a more extended free leech (like a site-wide free leech) in a week or so you will see a "Free Leech" notice at the top on every page and the red *FREE* tag will disappear top make room.

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