What.CD - 3 years!

Happy Third Birthday! (Part II)

hree years is a long time for anything, but it is especially long for a torrenting website. Today we've managed to reach that milestone, and yet it still seems to lose significance when compared to other statistics. We are approaching 1 million torrents, have almost 200,000 perfect FLACs, and have managed to fill almost 60,000 requests for music. However, those numbers hide the most important part of the site. We have more users than 40 countries have citizens, and it is that which makes us great. In the end, regardless of user class, we are all here because we love music and because we want to share that love. We have, as a community, put in countless hours into the site, we've slaved over EAC trying to achieve a 100% rip, we've attempted to answer every question in the help forum and most of all we've all had the opportunity to enjoy 3.76 PB of music in almost 44 million snatches.

Our age is a wonderful thing, but it isn't illustrative of the worth of the site. Those numbers are; those numbers show just how much 130,000 people powered by love can do.

Here's to another 3 years, to 1 million torrents, to another 200,000 perfect FLACs and to all the uploaders, downloaders, editors, forumers, artists, coders and others who have made this site into what it is: The largest private torrent site on the web, the best repository of music in history, and an amazing community.

Happy Third Birthday! (Part III) 

 Although we have over nine hundred thousand torrents, around half of these torrents are only seeded by a single user. If the user goes away, that torrent risks being deleted for inactivity. This scares us!

In an effort to solve this problem and to keep the underseeded rare gems which are all over the site, we've done a couple of things today. The first we announced yesterday - we gave out roughly forty thousand invites, in the hopes that new users would come in and help share the seeding load.

The second? As of right now, every torrent on the site with 0 or 1 seeders has been set to freeleech! This freeleech will end in one week from now, (unless it becomes apparent that our servers cannot handle it, in which case we may choose to end it early). The torrents will remain freeleech regardless of the number of seeders which they accumulate throughout the period. Only assume torrents that are marked as such on the album page as being freeleech!

In return for this freeleech, we humbly request that you help to keep the music alive by seeding the torrents you download for as long as humanly possible - ie. months or years.

Have fun browsing - we hope you discover all sorts of interesting new music smile.gif

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