Watch out for SeedNation!

Mass PM from BitMe about SN:

A site, http://www.seednation.net/ has come up and they are offering something that is literally too good to be true. A free seedbox. Here is the bad news boys and girls, with such things, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.
So far, I have seen reports of stolen passkeys, stolen accounts, stolen invites and the like. I can’t tell you what to do or don’t do, however, if you find your passkey or the like is stolen you will receive zero sympathy from staff for this.
So what is the point of this mass PM. Simply this, you use this exceptionally dodgy site at your own risk, and if you have been found to have been compromised, after you have received this warning (25/10/2010 at 20:15 GMT) you will have lost your account here. There will be no exceptions, there will be no.. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know.” Use this site at your own peril, but be aware that if your passkey or otherwise is found to have been compromised your account WILL be disabled, and any other private trackers you are on will probably toss you as well.
You have been warned.

Following announcement is posted on main page of SeedNation:
SeedNation is closed. SLDKluster / Dhruv are the same person. He also was behind the scam of Leechbox. Seednation is now closed. If you where a member of SeedNation or had a seedbox, please join the IRC server to get your seedbox. The host / sponsor of seednation is now the owner of the domain, and has opened a case agaianst him. The old staff members foxhound, p, and d4rk have started #seedmasters, which will provide seedboxs on gigabit boxs legit. But not for free. It will be for people who purchase VIP.

or IRC: irc.digitalrebels.org #seedmasters

Come Hangout, and get your seedbox today! or come join and find out how you can get yours free!

Know linux? Know seedboxs? Become staff & get paid! Join IRC!

Thank you,
P, Foxhound, d4rk.

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