Waffles - Upload Madness!

For the remainder of this month, it's going to be

Upload Madness!

Bonus points will be handed out to specific uploaders at random intervals.
The amount of the bonus points will not be revealed and will change with each interval.
The frequency of handouts will increase as uploads increase, while the size of the handouts will decrease.
All categories/genres count.
Uploads must be seeded to count.
Keep track of the true number of torrents here.
1 full day of sitewide free leech will be rewarded upon surpassing 300,000 seeded torrents.
1 additional full day of free leech and 1 additional full day of wtf leech will be added upon surpassing 350,000 torrents.
Please remember that everything still needs to follow our description rules - you still need to include a tracklist etc. If an upload was rewarded with points, then found to break teh rules/be a dupe, those points will subsequently be revoked. Users who blatantly/continually break our rules in an attempt to rush through will not like the consequences, so be mindful.

Also: This is a great time to pick up even more points by filing requests!

STARTS: Monday, October 18th 00:01 UTC
ENDS: Monday, November 1st 00:01 UTC

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