TT - New site feature!

You can now request reseeds right here on the tracker.

We've added a new button "request reseed" to the torrent pages, next to where it shows you the number of seeders and leechers for the torrent. However, you will only see this button under certain specific circumstances:

*) A sufficient number of people have actually finished downloading the torrent.
*) There are currently no seeders, or too few seeders compared to the leechers.
*) Nobody else has requested a reseed for this particular torrent in the last 7 days.

When you click that button, it sends a PM (which includes your own username, so you'd better not abuse it) to the last few (currently 5) people who downloaded the torrent and asks them to reseed.

All mentioned numbers and requirements are open to be tweaked in the near future. Also note that we only recently started collecting the required information for this feature, so the button will not actually do anything for the older torrents yet, even though it will tell you that it did. Give it some time.

Everybody who wishes to be an ass can opt out of getting those reseed request PMs in their profile.


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