TD - Haloween Competition

Yes, it’s back again! And this year, we’re pleased to offer a very special extra-secret PRIZE to the winner, along with VIP status and the glory of having his/her logo featured as the Torrent-Damage.net logo later this month! Interested? Read on and show us what you got!

Please read this entire post carefully. Entries not meeting all requirements will be disqualified!

  • Creativity!

  • 20KB in size maximum! If you’re very close, submit it anyway.

  • Same physical dimensions as the current banner: 970×130px.

  • PNG format with transparent background.

  • Compatible with both TD Light and TD Dark themes.

  • Submission(s) posted to this thread by October 23.

  • Helpful Hints:
  • Download the current logo

  • Font is VDUB

  • If you use an image hosting service for your submissions (Imageshack, Tinypic) please be sure it doesn’t resize your banner!

  • Submissions:
  • Use this thread only to submit designs!

  • You may submit multiple designs, but please only post once in this thread. Edit your post if you wish to add more designs. We won’t judge until after the deadline, so feel free to edit your post and add/remove entries as you wish.

  • Winner/PRIZE:
  • The winner will be decided by TD Staff.

  • The winning banner will be featured as the logo for Torrent-Damage.net

  • The winner will receive bragging rights, VIP status, and a very special extra-secret PRIZE! You’re guaranteed to like it, even if it’s not Halloween-related. And it will be shipped to your doorstep.

  • Good luck and have fun!

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