seX - Halloween Fest!

Dear Members,

With Halloween fast approaching, we have decided to finish off the month with some scary fun here at the [X]. Starting today, we are going to have ghoulish contests, arcade games and other surprises. To start us off we're announcing 2 new competitions!

SceneXpress’s first Halloween Banner Competition!
The competition starts from RIGHT NOW (05.10.2010) and ends in 20 days (25.10.2010).
The person who creates the most SeXy banner will win the competition.
What is the definition of SeXy in this case?: The entries will be evaluated on their originality and the creativity of the designer. In other words the most original, creative, and last but not least: beautiful and fitting banner will win the competition.

SceneXpress Halloween Story Competition!
* Tell a story about something weird/odd (paranormal related) that happened to you during your life.
* Copy/Paste from other articles found on the internet isn't allowed..its a story about you, not about someone else unknown.
Competition Starts: Today (5th October)
Competitions Ends: 21st October

Update #1:
Halloween Arcade Challenge!
We've just updated the Arcade and added some new games, including 3 for Halloween! Our challenge is to be in one of the top 3 scorers of our Halloween games on Oct 31st(Halloween). Top Prize in each of the 3 games will be 1000 Seed Bonus Points, 2nd and 3rd scores will each get 500 Seed Bonus Points.

Update #2:
Halloween Torrents
As part of our Halloween Fest for a limited time we have opened up a whole new section JUST for Halloween. This section will be open to all who want to contribute by uploading their Halloween Favorites. In addition to it being open for uploading to everyone, there will be no ratio or seeding requirements and no HnR penalties! A word of warning though, once Halloween is gone so will this section.

To access the Halloween Section click on the Jack-O-Lantern .. or click Here

Fell Free to discuss this Here

Keep one eye open for more spooky fun heading your way..

SeX Crew

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